Organic Bonsai Autumn Tonic Bio-stimulant

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Organic Bonsai Autumn Tonic Bio-stimulant Summary

At Ma-Ke Bonsai we make our own Autumn Bonsai feed from a Seaweed extract and molasses to act as an excellent Bio-stimulant during the autumn months to build up the Bonsai storage and immune system.

Our Bonsai are not using as much water as they were but they are still using a fair amount of water to retract the sugars (which is what causing all the lovely autumn colours) to the roots and branches and to build up their immune systems and storage for the coming cold, but more importantly for next years new explosion of growth.

Our Bonsai during this period need 'top-up' watering rather than a full watering, but as always let the soil dry out at the surface before watering and only water in the morning.

Feeding our Bonsai and plants at this time of the year is about helping them build their immune system and drive root growth. At Ma-Ke Bonsai we use an organic mixture of Seaweed and Molasses during this period, the seaweed extract build up their resistance and immune system will the molasses helps with bulking up root growth buy improving soil activity.

The Ma-Ke Bio-stimulant mix is sold in small 100ml Bottles. It is diluted at 10ml per litre of water and the bonsai pot is given a through soaking with it. Apply every 15 days between End August to Mid November.

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