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Chinese Elm Small Bonsai Starter Pack

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Chinese Elm Small Bonsai Starter Pack Summary

A Small Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree about 6-8 inches in height (including pot) and is an easy to care for Bonsai tree.

Indoor or Outdoor Bonsai Gift Pack - Chinese Elm - Small

A Small Leaved Indoor Bonsai Tree about 15-20 cm in height (including pot) which is an easy to care for Bonsai tree.

The Gift Pack comes with a nice imported little Bonsai, a Bottle of Liquid feed, and Pair of Bonsai Pruning Scissors. The Specially formulated Bonsai Feed will help you keep you Bonsai Looking Healthy and Look Well. Since this is a Bonsai and not just a house plant you will need to occasionally prune shoots and keep the shape of the Bonsai Under control. The Gift Pack also comes with an Instruction Leaflet on how to look after and care for your Bonsai.

Gift Pack Contents

1 x Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree approximately 15-20 cm (6-8”) tall including Height of Pot

The Chinese Elm is a popular Bonsai and can be grown Indoors or Outdoors.

1 x Humidity tray with a pack of enough clay pebbles to fill it. The humidity tray catches water overflow and helps create a micro-climate around the Bonsai tree.

1 x Bottle of Liquid Bonsai Feed enough to last you a Year

1 x Bonsai Pruning Shears

1 x Care Sheet

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