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Beginners Bonsai Course - Deposit

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Beginners Bonsai Class*

Beginners Bonsai Course - Deposit Summary

Pay the deposit to reserve your place on the 5 Session Modular Bonsai for Beginners Course, which is conducted over the period of a year. It aims is to give the bonsai beginner the know-how and skills required to care for and train their bonsai with confidence. It will walk you through responding to the seasonal needs of your bonsai. With each session you build your confidence on how to cultivate and train your bonsai. The sessions are day long from 10 am to 4 pm, and will have a theoretical and hands-on approach, giving you a holistic bonsai experience.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own bonsai, so we can work together to building a development strategy for each bonsai and watch its progression through the year and indeed years as the bonsai trees develops. By the end of the 5 beginner session we are confident you will be able to grow your own bonsai successfully.

This year there will be two groups of beginners classes Group A and Group B. Both follow the same syllabus, but the groups are staggered so as to allow for wider participation.

Bonsai for beginners classes are conducted by Mark D'Cruz, who has over 25 years of growing bonsai and has honed his skill under the tutelage of Japanese Bonsai Master Nobuyuki Kajiwara.

Each session costs £30. You reserve your place on the five session by paying a deposit of £50. You then pay £20 cash on the day the sessions are conducted.  If you miss a session, the deposit is non-refundable. You may, however, if a place is available, attend a corresponding session with the other group.

The dates for the various Beginners Groups can be found here...

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